Blue Bell Wood at the top of Benton Hall Golf Course, Wickham Bishops
Blue Bell Wood at the top of Benton Hall Golf Course, Wickham Bishops

Mile 1:

From the pub turn left, heading down the hill towards Witham.

At the junction of Kelvedon Road and Lea Lane you will notice Little Braxted’s old school house that has been recently renovated on the triangle in the middle of the road. Turn Left.

Heading now towards Witham you will see Hales Farm on your left and a little further Sewells Farm. On your right just round the bend is Homefield House and The Braxted Bakery. Follow the road for a further 20 metres and you will see a 5 bar gate leading to a concrete farm road. Look to the right of this and you will see a break in the hedge and the public footbath sign.

Follow the concrete path down and round a right hand bend at the bottom. Keep going until you come to some large bales of straw and another public footpath through a wooded area.

Mile 2:

Follow the woodland to the bottom and round a right hand bend until you reach a turn style. You can walk around this. Left turn and out into an open field.

Walk straight following the edge of the woods and across the field you will see another 5 bar gate with an opening next to it.

Glen Chantry House with it’s beautiful gardens are on your left. You will now be at the very top of Ishams Chase.

Follow Ishams Chase to the bottom until you reach Blue Mills House and the bridge.

Cross the road over into the layby where you will find another gap in the hedge and a public footpath sign. Enter into Benton Hall Golf Course. You will see the gravel public footpath heading up the hill through the middle of the golf course. Please be aware of Golfers teeing off and wait until all players have gone through.

At the top of the golf course there is another break in the hedge next to a bench on your right.

Blue Bell Wood 2

The footpath here can get very muddy in the winter so gaiters will be necessary. It is fine from April through to September/October. This footpath is fenced on both sides. Follow this to to the end where there is a kissing gate which takes you left to a further path. On the right during April and May is a small woodland full of Bluebells. To your right are beautiful views back across the landscape. The footpath will take you back to the right to another kissing gate and then to the left. Follow the footpath up to Mope Lane. Turn Right.

Mile 3:

Heading up Mope Lane towards Church Road, Wickham Bishops. On your right you will see the footpath sign and a private road which will lead you at the bottom into Sparkey Wood. Again During April/May this is heaving with Bluebells so is quite spectacular.

At the bottom of the woods is a kissing gate. You will be walking with paddocks on your left and the golf course on your right. Follow the path round to the left until you reach the next kissing gate.

As you are heading out of the kissing gate, look diagonally across to your left where you will see another kissing gate across the private road and the public footpath sign.

Through the kissing gate you will turn up the hill again and further fenced paddocks will be on your right. Follow this path to the very end, there is a small boggy area just before you come out onto the road at the top. Keep to the middle where it seems to be very shallow. Walking boots are more suitable though.

At the top of the footpath turn left heading back up the hill on Station Road.

At the sharp left hand bend in the road you will turn right into Wickham Hall Lane. There are some very beautiful old country farm houses along this lane, including Bouncers Farm. Keep walking until you reach a small junction in the lane, turn left into Grange Road.

Mile 4:

Follow Grange Road up to the Old School House (now the public library) and bear to the left with the Library now on your right. This is now School Road.

A short walk will lead you to the Street at Wickham Bishops, cross the road towards the ‘One Stop’ convenience store. Turn left heading towards the ‘Health Food’ shop. Turn Right into Pony’s Chase leading to Handleys lane and the public footpath at the top.

Mile 5:

On exiting the footpath look across to your left across the cross road you will need to head towards the war memorial.

Head back down the hill sign posted Witham with ‘The White House’ on your right. Past Carters Lane on your left. Red Bricked ‘Braxted Place’ on your right and then arrive back for a well deserved pint at ‘The Green Man’ public house on your left.

Rape Seed Fields on Kelvedon Road, Little Braxted